As part of training, the students will be exposed to systems, tools and techniques related to Information Security. Used
properly, these tools allow a security or network administrator to better understand the vulnerabilities and security
precautions in effect. Misused (either intentionally or accidently) these tools can result in breaches of security, damage
to data or other undesirable results. Red Team Hacker Academy, its officials or instructors will not be responsible in
the event of any criminal or legal charges taken due to the misuse of the information or tools by the student during
and beyond the duration of the course. Since these lab experiments will be done on live network and machines, you
must agree to the following before you can participate. If you are unwilling to sign this form, then you cannot
participate in the training course.

Student Agreement Form

I agree to:

  • Examine only the areas outlined within the labs for the course.
  • Report any security vulnerabilities discovered to the course instructors immediately, and not disclose them to anyone else.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any private information learned through the course exercise.
  • Hold harmless the course instructors and the Institution for any consequences of this course.
  • Abide by the computing policies of the Institute and by all laws governing the use of computer resources on campus.

I agree to NOT:

  • Attempt to gain administrator access to any server, network, hardware and/or other network device in order to increase in-privilege on any University workstation.
  • Disclose any private information that I discover as a direct or indirect result of this course exercise.
  • Take actions that will modify or deny access to any data or service not owned by me. Attempt to perform any actions or use utilities presented in the laboratory, outside the confines and structure
    of the lab.
  • Utilize any security vulnerabilities beyond the target accounts in the course exercise.
  • Pursue any legal action against the course instructors or the Institute for the consequences related to this course.

Moreover, I consent for my course accounts and systems to be examined for security and privacy vulnerabilities by >other students in the course, with the understanding that this may result in information about me being disclosed.This agreement has been explained to me, to my satisfaction. I agree to abide by the conditions of the Code of Ethics and the White Hat/Certified Ethical Hacker concept.

Signature: _______________________
Date: ____________________

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